Business Formation

Stanziola Law handles all types of business formations, including C-Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, General Partnerships and Limited Partnerships.


Should you need assistance in handling various issues involving corporations, Stanziola Law can act as corporate counsel and assist in maintenance of all documents relating to the management of the corporation, including preparation and maintenance of corporate by-laws, meeting minutes and corporate resolutions.


We are able to prepare any estate documents that you may find necessary for estate planning purposes including wills, financial and/or medical powers of attorney, living wills and any other related estate documents.

Estate Administration

With over 25 years of experience in Pennsylvania, we are able to handle all aspects of administrating an estate.

Family Law

Stanziola Law provides representation in divorce, custody, and support cases.

Municipal Law

Stanziola Law can provide representation of property owners on all matters involving local municipalities, including but not limited to zoning and subdivision applications and hearings.

Civil Litigation

We provide representation in the event that you may find yourself in a dispute with someone involving a contract, automobile accident, medical malpractice, or other civil matter.  We can help whether you need to file a suit or you are being sued.

Federal, State, and Municipal Taxes

We offer legal representation regarding tax disputes before the Internal Revenue Service, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, and local municipalities.

Real Estate

We handle all types of real estate matters, including preparation of deeds and buy-sell agreements, as well as representation of homeowners in mortgage foreclosure actions.

Criminal Law

We represent individuals charged with felony, misdemeanor and summary offenses, including Driving Under the Influence cases, before the Courts of Common Pleas and, if necessary, on appeal to the higher courts of Pennsylvania.